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Keto Test

The control and analysis of ketone bodies or ketones in the blood is an essential measure in the assessment and monitoring of diabetic complications and in addition to ketogenic diets in the prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and in the ketogenic diets Tendentes to the control and decrease of the weight.

Measurement Blood Ketone Bodies Contains an objective form of the concentration of ketone bodies in the blood is essential to know the objective way and accurately the possibilities of a patient with diabetes as a way of their life and a start-up. . Likewise, the precise knowledge of the ketone bodies in the blood makes it possible to evaluate the performance of a ketogenic diet and establish the necessary dietary functions to achieve an approach to the marked objective

Currently, the control of ketone bodies in blood can be performed with great precision using a portable blood ketone analyzer such as the eBketone eB-K01 analyzer, this being the most accurate control mode of ketones at ambulatory level. The evolution of technology has been the place of publication in the market of small analyzers in the same way as the value of ketone bodies in the blood, which allows us to assess the level of ketosis.

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eBketone K-01

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